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    What is the difference between air source heat pump water cycle and fluorine cycle?


    The air-source water heater is an energy-saving and environment-friendly heating and hot water equipment, which usually requires only a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor to convert the low-temperature heat absorbed from the air into high-temperature heat energy to meet the heating and hot water needs of users.

    Air energy water heater can be divided into two circulation modes: fluorine circulation and water circulation. In the first few years of the development of the air energy water heater industry, the internal coil of the fluorine circulating water tank was generally selected, but after a few years of use, the problem of the internal coil of the fluorine circulating water tank began to appear. Because the copper pipe is soaked in high temperature hot water for a long time, it is very easy to produce scale and verdigris. More importantly, because the built-in coil needs to bear nearly 20 kg of pressure all the year round, after several years of use, the copper pipe is very vulnerable to damage and leakage. Once the leakage occurs, the water tank will be scrapped, the compressor inside the main engine of the air energy water heater will be flooded, and finally the whole equipment will be damaged.

    After discovering the disadvantages of the internal coil of the air energy water heater, the market began to develop the external coil. The working principle of the external coil is to wrap the copper tube around the outer wall of the water tank inner liner, and transfer the heat of the copper tube to the water tank inner liner, thus heating the water in the inner liner. Compared with the internal coil, the external coil can solve the problems of scale and verdigris to a certain extent, but there are certain disadvantages. Because the copper tube is cylindrical, the copper tube is wrapped around the outer wall of the water tank inner liner. The outer wall of the inner liner is limited in heating, resulting in waste of heat exchange area, and the thermal efficiency is not as high as that of the built-in coil. On the other hand, because the copper pipe is wound on the outer wall, the use of copper pipe is much larger than that of the built-in coil, which is usually 2-3 times longer than the built-in copper pipe. In order to reduce costs, people also work hard to reduce the thickness of copper tubes. The thinner copper pipe wound around the outer wall of the inner liner will cause the copper pipe to be compressed to a certain extent, and the broken copper pipe is more likely to leak after a period of use, affecting the use of the water heater.

    To sum up, it can be seen that the water heater with fluorine circulation has very high installation requirements, and the water circulation is much more convenient. The installation of air energy water heater with water circulation is simple and efficient. It only needs to connect the water tank with the power supply. Use the circulating water pump to pump out the cold water inside the water tank and then send it back to the water tank after the casing is warmed until the whole water tank is heated. The installation of water circulation is convenient, the heat exchange effect is good, and the refrigerant will not be touched during installation, so there will be no leakage. In addition, the water circulation is heated in the main engine, and there is no copper or stainless steel pipe in the water tank, which will not produce scale or verdigris, and the water circulation air can separate the water and electricity of the water heater, which will not cause leakage in the water tank, with higher safety.

    The installation of water circulating air energy water heater is more convenient, and the installation requirements of fluorine circulating air energy water heater are higher. Therefore, the installation technology and after-sales level of the manufacturer should be taken into consideration when selecting fluorine circulating water heater.

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