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    The carnival has started


    During the heating season, the November Carnival has begun! Fineco New Energy specializes in the field of heat pump products, strives for excellence, and continuously innovates its products. It adopts European energy-saving technology standards to design and create a high-performance ultra-low temperature full DC variable frequency heat pump series, with stable performance and strong and stable heating in an ultra-low temperature environment of -38 ° C. Fineco is committed to "providing a comfortable and healthy environment for every family" and makes unremitting efforts!

    The enterprise has three professional host production lines, and has established advanced equipment in the industry such as a professional inspection room, a long-term fatigue operation laboratory at -30 ℃, and a national ultra-low temperature heat pump performance laboratory at -40 ℃, to ensure that the products developed and produced can receive comprehensive testing and full verification. The company has passed the export EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, and EU Erp energy efficiency certification.

    Fineco heat pump products have the characteristics of high energy efficiency, low noise, fast heating, super energy-saving, and intelligence, while meeting multiple needs such as domestic hot water, heating, and refrigeration.


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    The carnival has begun

    The Carnival Festival has opened with low discounts on quality products and no discounts on health. Fineco is committed to providing every family with a healthy and comfortable environment, giving back the support and companionship of our customers. The Carnival Festival has opened, and upgrades do not increase prices. Multiple quality products meet your needs for hot water, heating, and cooling. Pioneering 0 vibration induction variable frequency heat pump technology, quiet and stable operation, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, safe selection, and safe use!

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