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    How to choose the host of space energy water heater, which is better, water cycle or fluorine cycle?


    Speaking of water heaters, we all know about gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, air energy water heaters, and space energy water heaters. But when it comes to the related product content of water heater, I'm afraid many people don't understand it. So next, I will give you a scientific introduction about which is the best host of space energy water heater, which is actually these reasons.

    water cycle

    Heating principle: through compressor, built-in circulating water pump, pressurization and temperature rise after compression, and then through heat exchanger to convert feedwater for heating

    Heat exchange mode: the main machine is heated by a built-in high-efficiency tank (with a coil inside for fluorine removal), and the built-in water pump is linked to the insulation water tank for circulation

    Features: built-in water pump, more stable water temperature, not easy to mix water

    Cost: high cost

    Fluorine cycle

    Heating principle: vaporize through fluorine medium, then pressurize and heat up after compression by compressor, and then convert water to heat through heat exchanger

    Heat exchange mode: the external coil heat exchanger is placed in the thermal insulation water tank, and the fluorine is discharged in the coil

    Features: external heat exchanger for heat exchange, faster heating and effective reduction of energy loss

    Cost: high cost performance


    The water circulation heating effect is stable, the constant water supply capacity is strong, the water tank is not easy to mix, and the use experience is better; Fluorine cycle heating is faster and cost-effective. I hope the above information can help you.

    After reading, did you learn? If you don't understand anything else, please leave a message in the comment area. I will reply one by one after seeing it. If you want to know more about home appliances, you can send me a private letter directly!

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